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Swimming Pool Repair in Fresno, California

Don't let a busted filter prevent you from enjoying your pool, especially when Valley Pool Service Incorporated is just a phone call away. We offer convenient swimming pool repair services at rates you can afford. Whether you have a broken pump, busted valves, or a malfunctioning filter system, our skilled technicians are standing by to handle your needs. Call us today to learn more about our convenient pool services.


Equipment Installation, Replacement, & Repair:
 • Automation Equipment
 • Pool Cleaners
 • Filters
 • Handrails
• Pumps
• Safety Equipment
• Heaters
• Timers
• Salt Systems
• Solar Covers & Reels
• Lighting
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Superior Products

Valley Pool Service Incorporated works with only the best manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to save you money. By using quality parts and products, your pool will require far less maintenance and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Partners & Suppliers:
 •—Pool Service Professionals
 • Hayward® Pool Products—Pool Equipment
 • Pentair Water® Pool & Spa—Manufacturer of Pool & Spa Equipment & Accessories
 • Polaris® Pool Systems—Automatic Pool Cleaners & Accessories
 • Omni®—Water Management Solutions
 • Zodiac® Pool Care—Aquatic & Pool Care Products
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Contact us right away at (559) 906-1741 in Fresno, California, for swimming pool repair services.