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Pool Cleaning in Fresno, California

From cleaning to maintenance, Valley Pool Service Incorporated takes care of all aspects of your pool. Our trained technicians provide fast, efficient pool services every time. From chemical checks to monthly pool cleaning and maintenance, no job is too big or too small.


Monthly Pool Services—$85–$95 per Month (with Pool Sweep)

Chemical Plus
 • Testing & Adding Chemicals
 • Vacuuming
 • Skimming the Surface
 • Brushing Steps, Loveseats
 • Cleaning Skimmer & Pump Baskets
 • Backwashing Filters
• Brushing Pool Walls When Needed

Our exclusive Chemical Plus service focuses on the balance and maintenance of your pool's water chemistry. Services range from $60 to $65 per month. Includes everything full service except skimming and brushing.

Commercial Accounts

Service costs for commercial accounts, such as apartments and condominiums, are appraised based on the volume of the pool and days of service required per week to maintain county/city code standards.

Spa Detail
Spa services include draining, cleaning, waxing, and refilling the spa, as well as balancing chemicals and cleaning filters. Rates range from $325 for 10' spas to $450 for larger models.

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Chlorine & Acid Washes
These treatments remove a thin layer of the plaster from your pool, eliminating most stains. The result is a cleaner pool surface without taking on the expense of a costly full re-plaster project

• Acid Wash—$500 (Includes Startup Chemicals & Filter Cleaning)
• Chlorine Wash—Call for an Estimate
• Pool & Spa Combination—Call for an Estimate


Contact us right away at (559) 906-1741 in Fresno, California, for affordable pool cleaning services.